What I do and why...

I have been building guitars since 1998 and I am driven fundamentally by a need to be creative. Guitar making is a unique craft as it is a great mix of art and science. Each guitar is unique and built to order. I also design and build ribbon microphones and other audio devices.
Series 1 and 2

The Artist is a 25inch scale with 24 Frets. The top is uniquely contoured and the neck is custom shaped to the players needs.
Double Cutaway

The JBDC is a 24.7inch scale with 22 Frets. The body is semi-hollowed or solid, based the players needs.
Classic and New

When a player wants a more classic shape but customised to their playing style and needs - or something completely unique.
and other designs

The jb TSR Ribbon Mic is based around a custom crimped 1.8micron ribbon and a high ratio Lundahl transformer.